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Paul Tredgett Personal Trainer Colchester:  
'The Home Training Specialist' 
Lose Weight, Get Fit and Tone Up in the Privacy & Comfort of Your Own Home: 

Private 1-2-1 Personal Training at Home. Outdoor & Gym sessions also available:

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Mobile Personal Training with Paul Tredgett: Your Options:

Home Visits
Train in the privacy & comfort of your home with my mobile personal training: I'll bring the kit and we'll train at yours
Outdoor Sessions
Prefer more space, and love the outdoors? Grab your long-johns and let's train outdoors: Rain or Shine
Gym Sessions
Need a gym environment? I work from The Gym on Queen Street in Town. It's open 24 hours!

Meet Your Trainer: Paul Tredgett:

"Let's get you lean, fit and strong again" 
I've been a Personal Trainer for just shy of 10 years, and if you're looking to lose a little weight, get a bit fitter and enjoy a better quality of life; whilst still enjoying exercise (and some one-liners) then this is going to work for you.
We'll take control of your exercise plan, nutrition and day-to-day activity, to get you back in shape so you can live longer, see the kids grow up and feel revitalised.
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Leave your details in the form below to book your free consultation. We'll grab a coffee, or I can pop round, and we'll go over all your goals in depth, cover your health, any injuries, training preferences and dislikes; and then set out a plan to move forward with one of the packages. Let's get you lean, fit and strong again.

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Client Testimonials:

Accountant, 50's
Nurse, 30's:
Ashley, 30s.
Your Personal Training Packages:

Let's Set Out Your Plan:

Training Packages are a monthly-subscription booking system. You'll do either 2, 3, 4 or 5 sessions per week, and have an auto-rolling billing on the same day each month.
Each package includes nutritional guidance and planning to compliment you're training: we'll help set your calorie targets and plan out how to keep to them. 
Book your FREE Consultation by filling out the form above to discuss which package would suit you best.
4 Different Training Packages available:
Different Packages for different needs. Train 2, 3, 4, or 5 times per week: Pricing works out to around £45 per session. Book your Free Consultation above to get the full lowdown.
Nutritional Planning
Let's get your nutrition in order: all packages include nutrition. 
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